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Open Document. With castles, hidden streets, waterways, recurring rainy weather, interesting European architecture, and mystique, London is the perfect location for Bram Stoker's Dracula. London: The capital of Great Britain, and the center of attention in the nineteenth century, due to the many incidents that were going on at the time.

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The novel includes many daunting scenes, such as when Dracula heaves a sack withholding a deceased child before three female vampires. It is no surprise why he choose London to be the setting of his novel. London is "exotic" and unknown.

Stoker is obviously inspired by London's castles, hidden streets, and church yards. The Temperance movement was typical for the Victorian era.

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It surround the idea that the middle-class should have self-control and self-denial. These values were shaped both by Evangelicalism and by Utilitarianism.

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There were also contemporary views on the Reform Act in So the Reform Bill and the issues on the Reform Act got everybody's attention, what makes London even more interesting. In there were also several law for women passed. This could be the reason for Mina Harker and her friend, Lucy, to play such an important role in Stoker's book.

In this time era, women believed that they should always be protected by the strong men. Because of this, Bram Stoker maybe wanted to draw the attention on the women. Another point of attention was also the Peterloo Massacre in A public meeting took place at Westminster on March 28th and in June. Another important piece of information is that London became a massive place with book-keepers, authors, and clerks.

This is why many newspaper presses came to London. Stoker could have been stimulated by this and wrote the. The three main characters I study are Mina, Lucy and three female vampires belonging to Dracula.

We will examine the similarities and differences between each character and comparison with traditional Victorian women. I support the answer with quotes and evidence. In the early 20th century, the ideals of the traditional Victorian era will become casual ladies. Dracula of Brac Stoker began printing in Europe in at the height of the 19th century Victorian era This is the era of modernization, there are many advances in medicine and technology.

This era brought a woman featuring controversial "powerful woman," a new woman "aspiring to undergo education and sexual and economic independence.

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Bram Stokers 'neck biting, blood sucking, ubiquitous' Count was the most popular anti-hero in the Western Culture. The novel was made to stand out; all the other horror The third born of seven children, Bram was confined to bed until the age of seven by an unknown illness. Though he was shy during his childhood, Bram developed into a fine athlete and academic student by his teenage years. He graduated from Trinity College, Dublin, with honours in mathematics in Bram had always dreamed of becoming a writer then finally, in his dream came true as his first book was published.

After this first publication, a further 16 books would be One of the most terrifying experiences someone could go through would be walking through a graveyard, or even more frightening, entering a tomb at night. In Bram Stoker's Dracula, many Gothic elements, such as strong descriptions, polarities, and foreshadowing, are used to create a fearful, spine-chilling mood when characters visit Lucy's tomb.

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Seward and Professor Van Helsing pay the first visit to Lucy's tomb. In this scene Stoker uses Gothic descriptions and strong words to set the tone. When Seward and Van Helsing first enter the tomb, Seward is appalled. He describes the place as gruesome in comparison to Both these novels are typically gothic horror and share those typical characteristics. Gothic horror is a type of text most popular between when both texts where written. Its popularity has had a considerable influence in fictional, novels short stories and films of this period. Both texts I have been analysing share characteristics of a gothic horror genre.

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Shelley and Stoker wrote their novels in the nineteenth century, a century full of people who seemed to have been obsessed with the Gothic tradition and Free Essay on Dracula In the novel Dracula there are many qualities that are necessary for success. Firstly determination is a key factor to succeeding; secondly revenge is a factor in succeeding; furthermore fearlessness plays a big role when they go to kill Lucy; lastly intelligence is needed to make all the plans.

When Jonathan Harker get captured by Dracula he is afraid, but he is also determined to get free. A small crack of light appeared through the stones.

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Bram Stoker creates suspense in Jonathan Harker's first diary entry by his description of the scene. An atmosphere of dread, fear and the unknown can be felt when reading the passage. Dusk is the time of day where you can imagine all sorts of creepy things happening. The sun setting behind the mountains give the appearance of moving shadows. The passengers felt so afraid of their surroundings that they crossed themselves. Jonathan feels unsure about the excitement he sees from the other passengers, which cant, be explained.

Dracula's appearance is mystical. The writer begins to build suspense when Jonathan Harker Hi there, would you like to get such an essay? How about receiving a customized one?