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My Ideal Life Partner 1. Why do I wish for an ideal husband? It is because good qualities in a husband can affect the entire dynamic of the marriage and help to ensure that my marriage will be longer lasting and happier. There are few characteristics of an ideal life partner I have been dreaming of.

First and foremost, an ideal husband of mine should be a loving man. Since marriage is a once in lifetime experience — though many people nowadays marry more than once — I want love in the marriage that I will build with my Mr. He should love me as much as I love him. He too should love me as I am. With love, we can strengthen the bond between us and then our marriage will stronger than ever.

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Next, my ideal husband should have a great personality such as respect and loyal. When I am thinking about my attraction to him, I can see it is a combination of his good looks, his personality traits, and his ability to make me feel comfortable in every situation. The first thing about my husband is his appealing appearance. He possesses amazing green eyes. My future husband Every girl has a dream.


Since we are born we see couples. From Cinderella and her prince we all dream of finding our true love. We grow up and wish of finding our prince charming. Still, every girl has her idea. A true man that loves God beyond his life, has values, and loves me, will have a chance. An Ideal Husband Essay.

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The women of the play perform a large role in the society. They have major contributions to the political and home life. When I look into my future, there is bound to be someone special whom I will hold dearest to my heart.

He will be the one who will stand right at the end as I stroll down the aisle in my beautiful white dress, with my father alongside of me. That wonderful person will be none other than my. They are not your husband Earl is a what appears to be a normal man with a normal life. He has a loving wife and has a job as a salesman the story applies that he is an alcoholic but the reader cannot know for sure, the story does mention that he goes for drinks in the night. Earl is a very insecure man; we get to know that on the start of the second page when Earl is so ashamed of his wife that it affects him too.

Doreen is according to what we get to know from the story, a sweet women trapped. Home Page Future husband Essay. Future husband Essay Words Dec 22, 2 Pages. You have to choose well about who you are going to share your time with in order to reach happiness, so you must think through qualities that you required in your couple. The main features that my future husband should have are truthfulness, nobility and passion. Firstly, truthfulness with yourself and with other people is a main quality that I always look for in someone who is around me, my family, my friends and so specially I will require in my future husband.

I think you can only get a stable couple whether you prefer to share an imperfect but true life than keep a perfect and false one. Truthfulness contains several important qualities like honesty, frankness and so faithfulness; basic pillars upon which we must to build any long-lasting relationship.

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Secondly, another quality which I will look for in my future husband is nobility.