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Increase in population affects the economic, environmental and social development of the world.

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Population growth is not uniform in all the countries of the World. Some Countries have high growth while some are having moderate or a very low increase in their population. Population growth rate is needed to be controlled to save the World especially in those countries with faster growth rate.

It will balance the system as manpower is required for the growth of country. Though over population is a worldwide problem but still in some countries population is below the required rate which is also a serious issue as in those countries less people means less manpower to support and work for the development of that country.

Over Population is definitely harmful for any country in many ways but it has some positive side too.

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Increased population leads to increase in manpower for a country where more people are easily found helping in the development of different sectors. Controlled population growth is also required for growth of the economy of any country. If population of a country is constant or is not increasing, it will create more old age people than the young people. That country will not have enough manpower to do the job.

Japan is the best example as there government is motivating to increase the birth rate in an attempt to minimize the age gap.

Essay on Population Growth in India

Second best example can be taken of China as 25 years ago here government implemented the rule of one child in a family. After few years when the growth rate of China started reducing and was having less young manpower, then recently they lifted this ban and allowed parents to have two children instead of one. More consumption means more industry growth to cater that consumption.

More industry requires more manpower. Money circulation will improve and cost of living of the country will improve. People in the country will earn money and will educate their kids so that they can do work for the growth of country.

The Population Growth Rate in India

Basically it all depends on the controlled growth of population. If population growth is higher than required, it will create problem of unemployment, poverty etc. Whether resources may be limited for over populated countries but extra manpower is definitely required for generating extra resources and making new inventions.

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Population is the count of the number of persons living in a particular region. It has reached an alarming rate in some countries.

Over population can be due to many causes like illiteracy, improper knowledge of family planning, migration from different places. According to survey this whole World is inhabited by around 7. This may lead to disastrous effects in future and thus it is required to control it in order to live a safe and healthy life. Presently this figure may have crossed crore and in near future, it will surpass that of China China. India is facing a big challenge as population growth.

Government has to spend more to provide the basic things at the subsidized rate to cater to the massive population of below poverty line BPL consumers. As Government is providing subsidy on basic items, it is left with a minimal amount to be used in, developmental projects aiding to the growth in economy.

Essay on Human Population Growth

Government has the fewer amounts to spend on social services such as education, hospital, housing, infrastructure etc which are essentially required for a progressive country. Therefore, a planned growth of our economy needs some effective check on population explosion. Illiteracy is the main cause in India for the population growth.

People living below poverty line BPL are not aware of the consequence of this population growth owe to their illiteracy. People think that more children mean they will earn more money for the family without realizing its impact. Sometimes parents desire boy as they think that he will popular his name and family name. Sometimes they give birth to girl children in the desire of single boy.

Overpopulation is the main cause for the unemployment in India. We can see that for any examination or vacancy, millions applications are received. It is usually seen that the illiterate and poor classes have a greater number of children.

This happens mainly because they do not have sufficient knowledge about birth control methods. In addition, more people in a family are equals to more helping hands. This means they have better chances of earning. Moreover, we also see how these classes practice early marriage.

Population Explosion - Essay on Population Explosion - Essay in Kannada

This makes it one of the major reasons for a greater population. People marry off their young daughters to men way older than them for money or to get free from their responsibility. The young girl bears children from an early age and continues to do so for a long time. As India is facing a shortage of resources, the population crisis just adds on to the problem. It makes it quite hard for every citizen to get an equal share of resources.

Essay on Population Growth for Students & Children | + Words Essay

This makes the poor poorer and the rich richer. Get the huge list of more than Essay Topics and Ideas. The human population explosion not only affects humans but also our environment and wildlife. We have seen so many species of birds and animals go extinct because of various factors. As more population requires more resources, deforestation is happening at a faster rate which takes away the homes of these animals.

Similarly, their habitat is being destroyed owing to human activities.

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Subsequently, pollution levels are on the rise because of the population explosion. As more and more humans are purchasing automobiles, our air is getting polluted. Moreover, the increased need calls for faster rates of industrialization. These industries pollute our water and lands, harming and degrading our quality of life. In addition, our climate is also facing drastic changes because of human activities. Climate change is real and it is happening. It is impacting our lives very harmfully and must be monitored now. Global warming which occurs mostly due to activities by humans is one of the factors for climate change.

Humans are still able to withstand the climate and adapt accordingly, but animals cannot. This is why wildlife is getting extinct as well. In other words, man always thinks about his well-being and becomes selfish. He overlooks the impact he is creating on the surroundings.